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Episode #036 - Techknowledgy – Chatbots are Cool!

Is inbound or outbound marketing more effective?  Brett and Aryeh review the 'Macca's Monopoly' app, discovered that you now explore duck genitalia, discussed the benefits of inbound and outbound matters and chatted with Sean Riley of BlueRobot about chatbots.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #TechNewz with a “z”, the #AandBSplitTest and XR.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Monopoly from Maccas – Brett felt it was one of the best apps he has seen in all the years – battled to fault it! Aryeh only didn’t give it the perfect score as it encourages unhealthy eating – but from an app point of view it is awesome!
  • #TechNewz with a Z – we chatted about some of the interesting tech stories going on.
  • #AandBSplitTest - looking at Inbound vs Outbound . The best form of marketing is when customers come to you so try set messages that create the desire for them to contact you (Inbound). If you want to push a mass communication out (Sometimes akin with Spam) then Outbound it is.
  • In XR – special mention to PlayStation VR for Dark Eclipse and VR Duck Genitalia Explorer, yes you read write, we don’t know why but it’s a real thing!
  • Guest of the Week – Sean Riley from BlueRobot chatted to us via Skype from Cape Town about the complexities of chatbots and more importantly the understanding of the client engagement journey and how to do it right.

The take away from this episode is that you can build beautiful apps if you really plan the outcome carefully. Big Brother is (Really) Watching. People are happy to use technology when they need help, just make sure you build the tech to understand the human mindset.


Three tips:

  • Monolopy is still very cool, especially the Macca’s version!
  • The world is a better place now that we can explore Duck genitalia, WTF!
  • Chatbots should be included in your customer facing offering !


Learn more about Sean Riley of BlueRobot:

As the CEO of Blue Robot & Ad Dynamo I lead our sales & tech teams globally, helping brands to unlock value across digital media through innovation & creative thinking.



Brett Levy

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