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Episode #054 - Techknowledgy – A Picture tells a 1000 Words!

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How do you report issues to councils?  Brett and guest host Angela Vithoulkas look at ThingZ and XR, chat to Danny Gorog, founder of Snap Send Solve, an app to notify councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community, they started the 'It's all Geek to Me' challenge starting with A  is and there is another awesome little Alcatel 1 smartphone up for grabs.

Brett chats with Angela about Thingz and the letter “A” in  “Its All Geek to Me” – Our guest Danny Gorog, Founder and CEO of Snap Send Solve joined us in studio and his app is the #AppoftheWeeK.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, and cool news and tech in Thingz with a “z”

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Snap Send Solve – An easy to use app that allows you to take pictures of problems that you want the local council to fix.
  • #Thingz with a Z – A look at cool tech and chatted about various IPO’s.
  • ”Its All Geek to me”. We Start the challenge Angela laid down with the letter “A”
  • Periscope (Follow us on Twitter to see the next preview of the show) use is getting better and as always shot on the Alcatel5V
  • We giving away another Alcatel 1 – so you need to follow us online on all the different platforms because someone is going to win this cool little phone.


Three Tips:

  • A picture sent could solve some eyesores and other issues!
  • A is for ……?
  • When investing think about the whole picture and the future returns/competitors?


More about Danny Gorog – Founder and CEO of Snap Send Solve:

Reporting local issues is now a Snap.  The easiest and most efficient way to notify local councils, utilities or other authorities of issues that need addressing in your community.



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