Talk It Out!

The Women’s Agenda team of Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent host a range of dynamic guests and discuss ideas on shifting the dial for women at work.

Episode #038 - Talk It Out - Trust your gut? Why you should think twice.

Season 2 | Episode 11 - On this episode Women’s Agenda’s Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent talk it out with Angela Vithoulkas Independant Councillor for the City of Sydney, small business advocate, owner of Eagle Waves Radio and founder of The Small Business Party an independent political party .  The horror stats on domestic violence. What next? Plus, how we’re winging it and why ‘trusting your gut’ could be terrible advice. Plus our latest book and screen recommendations.


Angela Priestley & Georgie Dent

Angela Priestley is the Publisher and founding editor of Women’s Agenda and Georgina Dent is a journalist, editor and MC. Both are passionate advocates for workplace gender equality and diversity.

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