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Episode #033 - Talk It Out - Time Management, Working Smart & Not Giving a F*ck.

Cyan Ta’eed is the co-founder of Envato, one of Australia’s most celebrated and successful startups.

More recently she launched Hey Tiger, an ethical chocolate company. In this interview with Angela Priestley, she talks about why she decided to do the startup thing all over again, and how she gets so much done in between wearing multiple hats, including as the mum of two young kids.

Cyan Ta’eed is the co-founder of Envato, one of Australia’s most successful tech startups, and someone I’ve followed as a leader in tech for a number of years.

So when I heard earlier this year that she was starting a new social enterprise selling chocolate, I wanted to find out first hand why she was doing it, and how she was going to make it work.

Hey Tiger is now out there in the market and getting plenty of attention, having been featured widely across the media and racking up an impressively original and eye-catching presence on social media. It’s vegan, ethically sourced, with flavours made and tested personally by Cyan. I can also attest to the fact that the chocolate tastes very, very good — and makes an excellent thank you delivery to the people in your life you wish to express some gratitude to. It’s much better and more eatable than flowers.

I recently caught up with Cyan at the Envato office in Melbourne, just prior to the official launch of Hey Tiger. The conversation was recorded for the Women’s Agenda podcast.

We discussed everything from time management to working effectively, automation, the future of work, the few fucks we have to give in any single day, juggling work with two young boys, and why she’d move to launch a second major startup when her first is doing so well. Listen below, and check out some of the highlights further down the page.

Click here for more info on Cyan Ta'eed.


Angela Priestley & Georgie Dent

Angela Priestley is the Publisher and founding editor of Women’s Agenda and Georgina Dent is a journalist, editor and MC. Both are passionate advocates for workplace gender equality and diversity.

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