Talk It Out!

The Women’s Agenda team of Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent host a range of dynamic guests and discuss ideas on shifting the dial for women at work.

Episode #050 - Talk It Out - Sharing your story & bringing your whole self to work is power

Season 2 | Episode 23 -Shivani Gopal joins Women’s Agenda’s Georgie Dent and Tarla Lambert to share some ideas and advice on putting your story out there.

Shivani is the founder of The Remarkable Woman, a platform for women. She recently shared the process of how she left an arranged marriage with the media, which she says gave her a heightened sense of courage and fearlessness.

Shivani is a regular speaker and media commentator on gender equality and financial freedom.


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Angela Priestley & Georgie Dent

Angela Priestley is the Publisher and founding editor of Women’s Agenda and Georgina Dent is a journalist, editor and MC. Both are passionate advocates for workplace gender equality and diversity.

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