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The Women’s Agenda team of Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent host a range of dynamic guests and discuss ideas on shifting the dial for women at work.

Episode #031 - Talk It Out - Game-changers for women at work

Season 2 | Episode 5 - What are some of the game-changes for women at work?  Angela and Georgie  speak with Tarla Lambert about paid paternal leave and workplace sexual harrassment!

Topics for the podcast include three very real game-changers for women at work:

  1. Dad’s getting paid parental leave, & plenty of it
  2. An inquiry into Workplace Sexual Harassment
  3. More female CEOs!


The past few days has seen some fairly significant game-changers for women at work.

For one, there was the announcement of a world-first, national inquiry into workplace sexual harassment. Will it make a difference? Should the government be celebrated for investing half a million dollars?

Then there’s the company that’s significantly upped its paid parental leave payments — for secondary carers.

And how about female CEOs, do they make the difference for women? Why then does a list of the 50 best ‘CEOs for women’ only feature four female CEOs?

We talk all of the above and much more on our latest podcast, this week with Angela Priestley, Georgie Dent and Tarla Lambert.

Sadly we recorded just before New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had her first child. So while we don’t get to talk about that (and yes we reckon that’s a bit of a game-changer too, not just for New Zealanders) we’ve got loads more to share.

Also what we’re reading and watching this week.

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Angela Priestley & Georgie Dent

Angela Priestley is the Publisher and founding editor of Women’s Agenda and Georgina Dent is a journalist, editor and MC. Both are passionate advocates for workplace gender equality and diversity.

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