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The Women’s Agenda team of Angela Priestley and Georgie Dent host a range of dynamic guests and discuss ideas on shifting the dial for women at work.

Episode #027 - Talk It Out - Are we really getting the right person for the job?

Welcome to Season 2 | Episode 1 - With a new season we’ve decided to shake it up with a new name "Talk it Out", and producing a new podcast weekly.

With the push for gender quotas are we really getting the right person for every job?  What is imposter syndrome?  Angela & Georgie speak with Anne-Marie Elias about her next hackathon and who is impacted by financial inclusion.

Anne-Marie Elias was named the 2017 Agenda Setter of the Year at our recent Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards, she connects communities, business, academia and governments locally and abroad to empower disadvantaged communities.

She’s a serious change agent and disrupter — especially in her work running a number of social change hackathons to come up with real solutions to complex issues like refugee settlement, homelessness, domestic violence and mental health.


Topics for this episode include:

The Renewed Push For ‘Merit’

  • There’s a lot in it, given news in recent weeks
  • Persistent attacks on gender targets for boards,
  • Chris Corrigan’s attacks on push for women on boards, saying it’s the push for gender equality means that we “don’t necessarily have the best person for the job” and that push to get women on the Qube board amounted to ‘bullying’
  • Liberal Party’s pre-selections, seeing even less women represented in the party
  • Liberal MP Jane Hume comments on Q&A saying ‘women have to work harder’ and ‘be less bitter’ to get preselected in the liberal party


Imposter Syndrome

  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • Everybody has a level of skeptism about themselves.
  • If you feel like an imposter you are probably meant to be there


Financial Inclusion

  • Anne-Marie is holding a Financial Inclusion Hackathon starting Friday, 25 May at 1pm and runs for 48hrs until 1pm on Sunday, 27 May at M&M Studio (see Vibewire website for more info).


What Are You Talking About?

Podcast:  Chat 10 Looks 3 – Podcast by Annabelle Crab & Lee Sales

Publication:  Women’s Agenda – Inspiring people about issues that they should be thinking about

Podcast:  Sparta Chicks Radio – Podcast – Women doing incredible things and their journey

Book:  Diana Nyad – Find a Way – a story of resilience


Learn morea about Anne-Marie Elias:

Vibewire Website
Work It Out - Episode 23 with Anne-Marie


Angela Priestley & Georgie Dent

Angela Priestley is the Publisher and founding editor of Women’s Agenda and Georgina Dent is a journalist, editor and MC. Both are passionate advocates for workplace gender equality and diversity.

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