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Episode #024 - Aus Asia Business - What are the Chinese spending their money on?

What are the Chinese spending their money on?  Stacey chats to Tim Smith of The Food Box Network about what food and drink the Chinese are consuming, and some cooking trends in China, and how you can get your food products into China.

The fabulous Stacey Martin interviews Tim Smith – Chairman of the Food Box Network.

From working overseas to establishing the Asia Strategy for an Australian Bank, Tim Smith has a passion for helping people build successful businesses.

With the growing demand for Australian produce, Tim shares his experience from helping a winery break into China, to his involvement with The Food Box Network, a service marketing network for SMEs who want to access China’s growing demand for international foods.

In this week’s episode you will learn about:

  • The difficulties in exporting food and wine to China
  • Why having an expert onboard to get the job done is essential
  • The top 3 things China spends money on
  • Processes to follow when exporting to China
  • Why branding is important
  • The importance of registering your IP
  • KOL


Tim’s top 5 tips:

  1. Have a social media strategy to engage with the end consumer.  
  2. Understand how business is done in China for your product.
  3. Engage a partner experienced in your product but do your own research as well.
  4. Listen to feedback and adapt your product to suit the market.
  5. BE PATIENT, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step…...


Learn more about Tim Smith:

Tim Smith is Managing Director of Co Brand Partners an investment company that invests in food/Agri and Lifestyle Brands. He is also Chairman of the Food Box Network a service marketing business that solves problems for business wanting to access China’s growing demand for international foods.

With almost 20 years doing business in China, Tim is passionate about dealing with Asia having lived in Singapore setting up the HNW Asia strategy for a major Australian Bank. 



Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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