Episode #005 - Aus Asia Business - The Arduous Art of Identifying Early Investment Trends

The arduous art of identifying early investment trends | An insight from expert financial consultant and thought leader, David Chin

For the majority of people, research is a laborious chore to be avoided at all costs. In the mind of Basis Point founder David Chin, however, research is entertainment at its best.

It’s lucky he enjoys it, because his career choices have definitely entailed a lot of study. Amongst a storied stint working in the Sydney Futures Exchange, where his constant overseas work travel allowed him to gain valuable business connections in Asia, the Malaysian-born Chin also served in the Army Reserves.

At the helm of financial consultancy firm Basis Point, Chin is now a thought leader. He uses his passion for in-depth research to identify investment trends and opportunities in their infancy, providing business intelligence and opportunities for participants in the Australian and Chinese financial markets.

During an engaging episode on the Aus-Asia Business Channel, Chin explained the Chinese infatuation of property investment, his personal upbringing, and the ins-and-outs of early investment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Chin believes the Australian film industry is a potential goldmine for Chinese investors;
  • The power that can be gained from tapping into the local Chinese communities in Australia;
  • Chin’s thoughts on the contentious topics of non-bank lenders and the swarm of overseas investors;
  • The emerging trends in the overseas agricultural market, and where opportunities lie in Asia for Australians in these industries;
  • How agriculture has surpassed mining as our most powerful export; and
  • How you can negotiate in Asia using the brand and reputation of Australia.

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