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Episode #013 - Aus Asia Business - Making Taxing Tasks Simple

Jennifer Yeo clearly likes a challenge, given she specialises in legal affairs and international tax matters. Renowned for her brilliant personal service and liaising, Jennifer has carved a distinguished career.

With a Chinese background, Jennifer has always been globally focused. Her desire to deal with matters abroad was cemented after a positive stint in Singapore working in international tax.

Upon returning from Singapore, Jennifer worked for many top-tier law firms in Australia where she built a loyal client base. Eventually, she decided to take her skills, experience and following and start her own practice, Evora Legal. Jennifer credits owning a business as giving her a better insight into the issues her clients are facing.

Her international knowledge has been crucial for many clients looking to expand into China, where ever-changing laws and regulations make it easy to misstep. Jennifer’s local contacts and thorough understanding ensure that her clients are always aware and compliant.

Throughout her chat with host Stacey Martin on the Aus-Asia Business Program, Jennifer spoke about why she decided to start her own practice, the difficulties faced when setting up business in foreign jurisdictions and the importance of having the right advisors on board.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different ways of structuring a business in Asia;
  • How to bring profits home from overseas business ventures;
  • The need to fully understand your environment when doing business abroad;
  • Why China can be a difficult place for legal regulations;
  • How to be comfortable with being flexible, and;
  • Jennifer’s top 3 tips for SMEs looking to do business overseas.

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Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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