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Episode #008 - Aus Asia Business - International Teachings

Victor Jiang’s career has taken him absolutely everywhere.

After starting his first business at age 23, Jiang’s passport collected stamps from just about every Western European country over an 8-year stretch.

Later, his ambition took him to Silicon Valley; an experience he says has shaped the way he views venture capital.

Using the insights absorbed in the Valley, Jiang is now succeeding at the helm of his self-founded fintech-focused VC investment firm, Sapien Ventures. Companies in Sapien’s growing portfolio include HashChing, Airtasker, SalesPreso, InvestFit, CivicLedger and StudyLane.

In a wide-ranging and informative episode, Jiang reinforced the need to understand the market you operate in, noting in particular the different payment procedures and business etiquettes seen across different cultures.

He also explained why the new global phenomena of blockchain is “Internet 2.0” and gave some of his biggest tips learnt from Silicon Valley.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand what your customers need to pay you;
  • The intricacies across different business cultures and why they go far beyond language;
  • The need to understand the market you’re operating in;
  • How to leverage whatever channels or relationships you can;
  • Where Silicon Valley is ahead in the tech investment industry; and
  • Why digital wallet apps like WeChat have almost completely replaced cash payment in China.

Follow Victor and Sapien Ventures:

Victor’s LinkedIn

Sapien Ventures website


Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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