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Episode #026 - Aus Asia Business - How can we create sustainable cities?

How is sustainable living helping in high density developments?  Stacey chats to Jess Miller Deputy Mayor of City of Sydney about sustainable living, high-density living, reviving the night time economy and how you can support local business.

An environmentalist with a passion for sustainable cities, Jess Miller is the youngest elected councilor for the City of Sydney. Leveraging her role at the Republic of Everyone, she recently championed the “Sydney Doesn’t Suck” campaign reducing the use of plastic straws.

Having just returned from Chengdu in China, Hong Kong and Japan, Jess shares her insights on emerging trends and current initiatives for the city from welcoming international students, the Green Square high-density development, reviving the night time economy and supporting local businesses.

In this week’s episode you will learn about:

  • Have the environments and cities Jess has lived in shaped her career
  • What drove Jess to seek out office
  • What Jess sees as future needs of communities and how the City of Sydney adapting
  • What Jess learnt living in Chengdu in China
  • How local businesses can benefit from tourism and education
  • How has the lock-out laws impacted the night time economy, and what are the plans to revive this


Jess’s top 3 tips:

  • Engage locally and build a community that you can bounce ideas off - subscribe to the What's On Webpage
  • If you have the opportunity to spend time in other countries then do. Invest in language and training
  • Leverage the assets and brand reputation of the City and engage with many of the programs that the city offers


Learn more about Jess Miller, Deputy Mayor, City of Sydney:

Jess Miller is the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney. She was elected to Council in 2016, and is one of the youngest to hold elected office at the City of Sydney. Jess is deputy chair of the Environment Committee and the Cycling Advisory Committee, Co-Chair on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel, and the Inclusion and Diversity Panel. Jess is also passionate about supporting Sydney's night time economy and the artists, musicians, small bar owners and venues that underpin it.

Jess is the Program Advisor at Republic of Everyone, a mass collaboration to increase and improve urban green space by 20% by 2020. Her professional background is in creative communication inspiring and enabling communities to work collaboratively and creatively with government and the private sector to tackle complex social and environmental problems to make cities fair, healthy and liveable places. 



Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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